Do you have ideas for an innovative project, for example a new or adapted production facility or process installation, but no time, equipment or manpower to rapidly test and optimise this idea and develop it into a project plan? Progress-PME can do it for you and ensures that you can present your plans convincingly to management.

How can Progress-PME help you with this?
Progress-PME has the necessary technical, process-technological and pharmaceutical experience and knowledge of GxP (Good – Anything – Practice) disciplines to test the feasibility of your idea. We can provide a reliable estimate of important project parameters such as:

  • calculating the required project budget
  • determining the project scope, including layout, desired quality and automation level
  • determining the lead time of the project through project planning

Our approach
Progress-PME adopts a multidisciplinary approach. The plans and feasibility will be tested from various angles, such as quality, production and engineering. The end result will be a convincing project plan that you can fully support.