April 23, 2020 

This week the new editions of BeterBoek were delivered to children who are in a hospital for a medical procedure.

Hospitalization is a significant event for a child. They are in an unknown environment and gain many new impressions. BeterBoek helps them to make sense of the situation and procedure in a child-friendly way. The book is a gift; children can take it home after leaving the hospital. In this way, it will help the child to gives his emotions and hospital experience a place in memory.  

There are different kinds of BeterBoek; each one focuses on the medical procedure in question. It contains all sorts of explanations about the hospital, the planned operation, and of course games, like puzzles, storytelling and colouring pictures. There are different variations for ages groups.

This year we sponsored a 1.000 copies that are distributed to hospitals in Hoorn, Leiden and Amsterdam. 

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