COVID-19 vaccine information

It is our mission to support the Life Science Industry, in the interest of patients, in bringing innovative, effective, safe and affordable medicines to the market. In other words, the interests of the patient are paramount and by supporting our customers we realize our mission.

As part of this mission, we consider it our duty to help in spreading reliable information regarding the development, safety and efficacy of the new Covid-19 vaccines. That is why we have put together a composition of articles, videos, websites and documents regarding COVID-19 vaccine development and approval by governmental agencies such as EMA and FDA.

Clients involved in the COVID-19 vaccine

Several Covid-19 vaccines are being developed and/or manufactured within the Netherlands. Below some of these companies are listed. We are proud that we can support them in their development projects, qualification of their GMP facilities and/or production of Covid-19 vaccines.  

Information about the working mechanism, safety, and efficiency of the COVID-19 vaccines