Life as a Progress consultant by
Eddy Breed

I started working at Progress in March 2017. Before joining Progress I worked for two large pharmaceutical companies for 14 years in total. The first 12 years I worked as subject matter expert in USP process development (PD) groups, developing robust USP processes for producing monoclonal antibodies or viruses and transferring these into GMP facilities. After doing this for 12 years, I wanted to master other competencies than USP PD. I transitioned to an internal construction project aimed at designing, constructing and qualifying a new vaccine manufacturing launch facility. I worked with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds, such as engineering, construction, commissioning and qualification (C&Q) and GMP operations. This project really broadened my horizon beyond process development. I met a lot of consultants who were very enthusiastic about their work, and I was curious if consultancy would be a good career move for me. After some phone calls with former colleagues who were working at Progress, a meeting with Progress HR was arranged. Soon afterwards I started as consultant in March 2017.

My move to Progress certainly did not disappoint. I have done a large number of projects at 8 different clients, varying from USP subject matter expert, feasibility lead, Technical Lead, C&Q coordinator, C&Q lead for an aseptic vial fill line and GMP readiness project manager at a start-up ATMP company. The company size is generally somewhat smaller (<150 employees) than what I was used to (>500 employees), but this allows me to have a higher impact. Since the projects and companies are so diverse and unique, I need to master new competences and knowledge to be fit for the job. Sometimes this may feel a little out of my comfort zone, but support from Progress colleagues is always available to help me take the next step. There is also the possibility of following relevant courses and consulting a personal mentor to make sure you are equipped for the job at hand. Working for Progress allows me to be in the front seat of my personal and professional development. When a projects ends, together with Progress management we look for a next project that fits my development path.

Also socially Progress is a very nice employer. The organization is flat and everyone is very approachable. We have monthly team meetings with all consultants and the Progress Summer Event and Christmas weekend with partners. Progress definitively feels like one happy family!

Looking back I am very glad I moved to Progress and into consultancy, as it suits me very well!

Senior Consultant

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