Life as a Progress consultant by Indra Scheen

Working as a consultant for Progress means continuous development and pleasure in my work. The assignments for the various clients are challenging and varied. I always feel greatly valued and respected by both Progress and the client. I appreciate the fact that everything is negotiable within Progress. Together we determine which client and which assignment is suitable for me and we discuss the projected length of my assignment.

From the first day that I start working for a client, there is usually a lot of confidence. I have noticed that clients seem to know that Progress offers consultants who have a lot of knowledge and expertise and who are reliable and fit in easily in the client’s team. Moreover, the consultants are happy to exchange knowledge and experiences to support both client’s employees as well as their Progress colleagues in their assignments.

Progress-PME - Indra Scheen

Progress ensures that you can take courses to broaden your professional knowledge. For example, I did courses in project management and validation and obtained my Black Belt Lean Agile certificate.

Through monthly Team meetings at the office or at a nice external location, we keep in touch as a ‘Progress family’. Fun summer and winter events at special locations are organized annually. There is always a good vibe within the company.

Progress was founded more than 20 years ago (1999). Since the start, the company has shown steady growth. Right now, we are one big team of around 50 employees, however, the amicable atmosphere it started with is still there.

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