Life as a Progress consultant by
Klaas Geveke

The collegiality, knowledge and having an equal position at the customer was his reason for choosing Progress in 2012. “This work suits me.”

“I’ve been working in the pharmaceutical industry for almost twenty years and have been at this company for the past few years. I made a conscious choice for Progress because I really enjoyed cooperating with their professionals when I worked for my two previous employers. What I noticed was that although these employees were seconded temporarily, for me they were not ‘external consultants’. They played an equal role and were just as involved with the people and the work as the organisation’s own employees. At that time I thought “I’d like to do consultancy work in that way too”. I’m happy I made that choice. 

I’ve been working on an engineering contract for a customer for a long period and it is still challenging. I’m also working for another customer on a quality project. I’m given every freedom to do my work and organise my work schedule as I see fit, in consultation with the customer of course. As a consultant you have an assignment to complete and that’s what it’s all about. And this freedom isn’t abused either. Colleagues are disciplined and want to do a good job for the customer. Nobody minds working an extra hour. The atmosphere is really good too. It feels like a warm-hearted ‘family’ in which people support and value each other. Our own families are also involved in the company. A biannual event is organised to which partners and children are welcome. This helps us to get to know each other really well.”

Senior Consultant

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