Life as a Progress consultant by
Rob Severijnse

He sees himself more as a consultant than a project manager. “The great thing about my position is that I’m allowed to do both. I advise the client and at the same time ensure that the work is executed. That’s what makes my job so attractive.”

“You could say I started out as a technician. I have a degree from Technical Secondary School (MTS), as well as completion of a number of complementary technical courses. In 2006, I ended up here more or less by accident. The work soon proved considerably more varied than I had originally assumed. It’s not just about installing a new piece of equipment at the client’s location – I’m also required to think along the lines of the client’s precise needs; I confer with departmental heads and maintenance departments,
I offer my perspective on financial proposals, the sourcing of parts, and so on.

I’m involved in all stages of the process. This makes my job extremely interesting and multifaceted. What’s more, I’m free to complete my work according to my own insights. And since we have an informal, horizontally-structured organisation and communications between colleagues are smooth and easy, I’m never forced to solve a problem all on my own. I can always turn to a colleague with the required knowledge and experience – someone who can help me with the right information. We share a lot of knowledge amongst ourselves and the atmosphere’s great. Furthermore, I’m regularly required to move out of my comfort zone and develop personal skills that in the past, I preferred to leave alone. Holding a presentation for a client, for example, or managing a team. This is one reason why I’m incredibly pleased to work for this employer. The freedom of movement and support they offer me has allowed me to develop far more aspects of my personality than I ever expected to.”

Senior Consultant

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