Life as a Progress consultant by Sandra Kastermans

Working as a consultant at Progress and loving every minute of it!

I spent a happy 19 years working at Teva. With a new position every 2 years, Teva gave me the opportunity to grow from a Quality Assurance officer in the plant, progressing through various roles within the company, to a position where I was present in the front office during government and client audits. What I learned from each position was invaluable. After being a part of a very successful FDA and Anvisa audit I decided it was time to move on.

Thankful for the time and opportunities at Teva I made one of the best decisions I have ever made and joined Progress. The journey since has been a steep learning curve with the diversity in clients and their needs engaging me on a daily basis. Sometimes the product type is new, sometimes the systems used by the client are unfamiliar to me. The need to adjust to a new environment with each new client is challenging, however it seems that I thrive on it!

Progress - Sandra Kastermans

Since starting at Progress I have held positions that I never would had if I had stayed in my comfort zone at Teva. Nor would I have met the inspirational people that have enriched me both personally and professionally. I am proud that I have the chance and the trust to work for and improve processes for clients in the fight against diseases such as cancer, Polio, river blindness, COVID and many more. As a group of professionals with an immense depth of knowledge the support is always there within Progress should you need it. We support each other and help each other grow. Furthermore, Progress is a company that invests in their people – a must for me. I have recently completed various trainings such as the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Responsible Person.

If I have a vision for the future of Progress it would be more cultural diversity within the team and also mentoring of young professionals. Fortunately both are key goals set for the companies future. And my goals? Continue to add as much value as possible for our clients, meet a lot of inspiring people and keep on enjoying the variation in my career with Progress

Senior Consultant

Interested in working for Progress after reading this? Check out our vacancies on the website, or feel free to reach out to Progress consultants you encounter in the biotech field!