Our partners

Our vision is to excel in supporting our clients with reaching their goals. With our broad knowledge and experience, coupled with a practical attitude, perseverance and flexibility, we strive for high-quality services and projects and high-quality and multidisciplinary advice. Besides our continuous training, motivation, stimulation and challenge of our employees, we also maintain close connections with other industry leaders. This enables us to stay on top of new developments and trend. 

HollandBIO represents and connects the life sciences companies in the Netherlands. They support a society in which biotechnology makes a maximum contribution to health, sustainability and economic growth.

TOPX aims to create a unique and valuable network for women in leadership roles or with leadership ambitions in Life Sciences.

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering is the world’s largest not-for-profit association serving its Members by leading scientific, technical and regulatory advancement. The Netherlands affiliate of ISPE was founded in 1990.

DARQA (Dutch Association of Research Quality Assurance) is an organization of quality employees working in the Benelux Life Sciences sector. They promote quality assurance by offering a discussion platform and connecting professional. 

Contributions to charities

Each year Progress-PME sponsors charities that are close to our hearts (and to the patient). We support charities throughout the year and instead of a Christmas gift for our customers, we make an extra donation to an organization.

KWF works in 3 ways to realize its mission: Financing and facilitating cancer research, Influencing policy, Sharing knowledge.

They guide children to an exciting operation to relieve stress and anxiety in the children and their parents.

The Diabetes Fund wants to make the Netherlands healthier and cure diabetes. On the one hand by funding scientific research for better treatments, cures and the prevention of complications of diabetes.

Hospitalization is a major event for a child. Especially for very young children. Good preparation and guidance can take away a lot of fear and uncertainty. The BeterBoek helps with this.

Sheltersuit is a short-term solution for homeless and refugees. It prevents people on the street from hypothermia and physical complications.