Event summary: Cleaning Validation Masterclass 2022

On November 1, 2022, Progress experts in life sciences held its fifth edition of the cleaning validation masterclass. Meanwhile a well-known event that continues to attract a lot of interest from the industry.

Like in other editions, the participants came from different life science branches and the group was a great mix. Biotech, compounding (pharmacies), contract manufacturing, start-ups and the hospital industries, among others, were represented. Different disciplines felt addressed by the training, as we spoke with employees from QA/QP, validation and engineering departments. “We even have customers who regularly send production employees to learn the bigger picture on this topic. After all, improving cleaning validation policies also starts on the work floor” said Paul Tiemeijer, who was one of the speakers at this event, along with Dennis Wortel.

In the morning, the basics and project-based design of cleaning validation were covered. “It is the perfect opportunity for us to give the knowledge and experience we have gained within our projects back to the industry, sharing many practical tips and tricks” said Oscar Smit, CEO of Progress and sponsor of the event.

In the afternoon, we dived deeper into the subject and explained, on the basis of various cases, the complexity of calculating acceptance limits and integrating the PDE value required by the EMA.

Once again, we look back with great satisfaction on a great event, that was rewarded by the participants with good ratings. The satisfaction for us has to do with inspired trainees, who use the knowledge to make the drugs we produce together in the industry another step safer.

On average the participants of the 2022 edition rated the
Cleaning Validation Masterclass with a 8,1

  • The masterclass was professional, full of knowledge and expertise, and featured skillful presenters, making it a worthwhile experience.
  • A wealth of knowledge was presented and transferred.
  • It was interesting to see the complexity of cleaning pharmaceutical production lines.
  • In-depth and professional.