The transfer of a new ATMP production line

Our consultant Dennis Wortel has worked on a big project for Kite, concerning a transfer of a new ATMP production line from Kite America to Kite Hoofddorp. One of the subprojects was to get 230 documents ready for production in time. In total, the documents were reviewed by nine different departments. We are proud to say the first two milestones were achieved in time, during a phase where many of us were working from home. 

Next to that, virtually every document had an electronic draft version, review round, review annotate round, pre-approval round and final approval round. To do this in a systematic way, we used the document management system Gvault. To make all these changes, this project had six technical writers who worked on the majority of the documents. In addition to these six, there were 30 others who worked as writers on the remaining documents.

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