QuickScan QC

How can we help You?
Progress-PME developed a risk survey for QC-activities: the ‘QuickScan QC’. Using this risk-scan, together with you Progress-PME can determine, if the activities as they are performed within your QC organization comply with the current regulations and on which area’s improvements can be made. The outcome can also serve to determine your areas of risk, or if and how work processes can be made more efficient. 

The QuickScan comprises different questionnaires, one for each of the different aspects of or activities important for a QC laboratory:

  • The QC organization itself (roles and responsibilities)
  • Reporting, data management and documentation systems
  • Sample and material management
  • Method validation and knowledge transfer
  • Equipment management and qualification
  • Laboratory set-up based on the activities performed (e.g. microbiologic or radiologic activities)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Outsourcing and Quality Agreements