Christa van der Veen



Christa joined Progress as a Junior Consultant in October 2022. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Product and Process Engineering, followed by a Master degree in Biotechnology. After her Master degree, Christa pursued a PhD degree in molecular biology at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht. Throughout her studies and doctorate degree, she gained ample experience in data analysis, protocol development and optimization, and writing. She received her doctorate from Utrecht University in 2022, after which she made the step towards the pharmaceutical industry to contribute to pharmaceutical development and production.
Through training, Christa has gained knowledge on GMP, USP, and qualification and validation. In combination with to her background in both engineering and biology, she can comprehend various pharmaceutical processes and analyse problems quickly.


Christa (1992) enjoys being outside, playing boardgames, and doing various sports like running and kitesurfing. She has run a number of marathons and want to continue to improve her personal best.


  • Technical writing
  • Molecular biology
  • Patents
  • Data analysis