Dennis Wortel



Working at Progress-PME since September 2019. He has worked his whole life in the cleanroom technology. Started as a Service Technician to maintain cleanrooms and laboratory equipment throughout hole Netherlands. After that he started as a Validation Specialist at a recommended pharmaceutical company to validate cleanrooms, cold storage, autoclaves and stability rooms and several other equipment. Then he had a few different jobs in maintenance within pharmaceutical companies, mainly to upgrade maintenance organizations to a higher cGMP level. He left as Head of the maintenance organization to start at Progress-PME. Mainly to grow further within the pharmacia and expending his knowledge. Also to use his experience in cGMP organizations to help clients in several improvement projects. He makes a great contribution to these projects using his experience, Black belt knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and his enthusiasm.


In his private time he like’s to do very different things. Together with his girlfriend he goes to the movies, walking, watching Netflix, going on holidays or just relaxing with friends. Also he take’s care of his 2 puberty aged kids. Never a dull moment.