Floris Janse de Jonge



Floris joined Progress as a consultant in September 2022. He is an experienced QC Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Floris started his career as analytical development analyst and research analyst. Since 2012 he has worked as a line manager at several QC departments. He has also acted as a team leader, coaching and motivating analysts to perform (non-)routine laboratory activities independently. In a project-orientated organization, Floris creates opportunity and overview so that the people can deliver quality.

During his career Floris has acquired expertise in, among other things, analytical methods, transfers and validations, investigations following OOS results or deviations of analytical assays, including corrective and preventive actions. He has utilized his extensive experience to act as representative for the QC department during audits and inspections.


Floris (1980) is a referee in the top basketball league of the Netherlands and Belgium. In his free time he also loves to ride his racing bike and watch sports. Together with his wife he frequently visits the cinema and enjoys going on road trips.


  • Quality Control management
  • Quality and process improvement
  • Analytical Method Development, Validation and Transfers
  • GMP consultancy
  • People management