Liza Wassenaar

Senior Consultant


Liza has been working at Progress-PME since June 2016.
Liza completed the HLO programme in Analytical Chemistry. While she was studying, she had internships with Yamamouchi (the current day Astellas, 2002-2003) and TNO Rijswijk’s Proteomics and Biochemistry department (2005-2006). In 2006, Liza started working in the Quality Control (QC) department of OctoPlus Development B.V. (currently Dr. Reddys IPDO Leiden). She held several positions within the QC group here; release of products manufactured under GMP and stability were her central focus. Besides this, as QC lead and QC manager, Liza spent her time writing and reviewing protocols, reports, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) where necessary, improving, accelerating and standardising report and analysis processes and managing the Quality Management System (QMS) (deviations, change controls and corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)) for the QC department. Planning activities, and coordinating, supervising and coaching her direct colleagues also formed part of her responsibilities. During internal and external audits, Liza was one of the team representatives. During almost ten years with OctoPlus, Liza acquired knowledge about GMP, analysing injectable dosage forms, visual inspection of manufactured products (liquid and solid dosage forms), environmental monitoring and water sampling, to name a few.


Liza spends her free time with her family and friends. In addition to the coziness of family, she likes to run. 


  • Product- en Proces development
  • Technology Transfer