Michelle Langeslag

Senior Consultant


Michelle has been with Progress since 2015.

After receiving a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Groningen, Michelle headed to Delft University of Technology to follow the 2-year post-master’s PDEng programme in BioProduct Design. As part of that course she worked at Abbott Biologicals for 1 year, where she set up a database that facilitated easy collection and analysis of vaccine stability data. Consequently, she returned to Groningen to start working at Abbott Medical Optics, where she was technical project lead and Biocompatibility SME, amongst other responsibilities. She also gained experience working in a GMP environment, project and line management, and compiling registration dossiers.

At Progress she continually expands her experience with different roles and responsibilities, from interim line manager for a production facility to project lead for a cleaning validation project. The customers she works with are just as diverse, from producing creams and ointments to producing vaccines or veterinary medicines.


In her free time Michelle enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and kids and tiring herself out in a rowing boat or on a racing bike. If the weather does not permit these kinds of activities, she is always up for a board game and enjoys cooking up tasty dishes with fresh ingredients from the market.


  • Project management
  • Product development 
  • QA support