Octaaf Bos

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a.i.


As of February 2019, Octaaf Bos is a.i. CEO of the Progress-PME organization and as such chairman of the three-member board of directors. Octaaf joint Progress-PME in 2004, initially as a project manager and consultant, but as of 2008 he also became Director of Operations and was responsible for all operational aspects within Progress-PME. Currently, he is a board member at DARQA where he has the position of Secretary.

Octaaf started his career by graduating at the University of Utrecht in 1989. After graduation, Octaaf started in the Life Science Industry as project leader and later project manager in the Product and Process Development Department of the Central Laboratory of the Blood Transfusion Service (now Sanquin) in Amsterdam. In 1997, Octaaf continued his career as Head of the Vaccine and Sensitines Department at a Veterinary Company, ID-Lelystad, and was responsible for both R&D and manufacturing activities. As of 2000, Octaaf became Quality Manager and Qualified Person and was responsible for all QA and QC-related activities within the company. In 2001, he moved to the Biotech company OctoPlus in Leiden, initially as Head of the Manufacturing Department, but as from 2002 also Head of the Facility Management Department.


Octaaf (1960) has a hectic but enjoyable family life, but can also regularly be found in the gym or walking in the nature. He loves long distance travel and enjoys relaxing with a good book or watching Netflix.


  • Line/ Interim Management
  • Project and Program management
  • CMC
  • Technology Transfer
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Aseptic Production Processes
  • Commissioning and Qualification (C&Q)