“On behalf of the whole team, welcome! We hope that our website gives you a clear idea about our organisation. Since its foundation in 1999, Progress-PME has been steadily growing. We are constantly looking for colleagues with experience in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, health care, food industry and related knowledge areas.” – Paul Linssen Founder Progress-PME

Our staff
Progress-PME staff are selected on the basis of their knowledge and communicative skills. After an introductory period, they become part of a close-knit and enthusiastic team. Employees support each other and share their professional knowledge by regularly evaluating projects and sharing experiences. Furthermore, all staff are convinced of the importance of education and training, which is what enables them to provide the best possible service to their clients.

We have experienced consultants on staff that can (help) set up and implement a GxP or ISO based quality management system, for the development, manufacture, testing and/or distribution of medicinal products and APIs. Also we offer interim management services as well as expertise on all quality systems, whether Change Control, Deviation Management, Documentation Management, Product Quality Review, Management Review, Quality Risk Management etc.

We believe Quality Assurance is not about creating more documentation or hiring more people, but about awareness, ownership and efficiency, throughout the company. With our knowledge and experience we can ensure – together with you – continued quality compliance of your product and processes during the entire life-cycle, while maintaining the focus on your core processes.

Why Progress-PME?
Progress-PME is an important player in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and health care. PME operates internationally and supplies services relating to, among others, project management, engineering, validation and quality assurance. We offer high quality services for a reasonable price and are renowned for our practical approach, no-nonsense attitude and high customer satisfaction. 

We invest in our people, their knowledge and capacities, based on the wishes and needs of the client. We use our substantial training budget to improve interpersonal as well as professional skills. Furthermore, we feel it is important for everyone to contribute ideas to new developments and services aimed at continuous improvement of our organisation.

Colleagues and work environment
The strength of Progress-PME is the interaction between highly qualified and motivated colleagues, supported by a strong management team. Colleagues help each other and share their professional know-how by regularly evaluating projects and sharing experiences. After a training period, you become part of a close-knit and enthusiastic team.

As a consultant with Progress-PME, you can be placed in various roles depending on your field of expertise. We can involve you in projects of varying sizes in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, healthcare, food industry and related sectors. Projects may be national or international in character. We offer you plenty of freedom to work independently from the start. 

What will you be doing?
In many cases, you will develop, implement, validate and evaluate projects independently. As a project manager, you will be responsible for implementing a new process, product, procedure or quality system, for example. Alternatively, as an interim manager you may manage one or more departments, such as production, QA or QC, process development, engineering, etc. Additionally you might perform a GAP analysis, risk assessment or audit and work on developing and presenting customised courses and training sessions.

Advice and decisions
During projects, you will also advise our customers in various areas. You will give the customer several options and explain which one you would advise. However, if a customer takes a different decision, you accept it but are also willing to warn a customer if you feel that this choice entails risks. If you are not entirely sure about something, you can always consult experienced and expert colleagues.

Your competences
Progress-PME staff are selected on the basis of experience, professional knowledge and communicative skills. You are familiar with current guidelines and you are able to give feasible and practical advice. You are proactive, goal-oriented, conscientious and a real team player. As a representative of our company, you ensure that you are smartly dressed when visiting the customer.

Employee stories

“We share a lot of knowledge amongst ourselves, and the atmosphere’s great.” – Rob Severijnse

Project Manager
Education: Technical Secondary School (MTS)
Working for Progress-PME since: 2006
Interests: Italian cuisine and tennis

He sees himself more as a consultant than a project manager. “The great thing about my position is that I’m allowed to do both. I advise the client and at the same time ensure that the work is executed. That’s what makes my job so attractive.”

“You could say I started out as a technician. I have a degree from Technical Secondary School (MTS), as well as completion of a number of complementary technical courses. In 2006, I ended up here more or less by accident. The work soon proved considerably more varied than I had originally assumed. It’s not just about installing a new piece of equipment at the client’s location – I’m also required to think along the lines of the client’s precise needs; I confer with departmental heads and maintenance departments,
I offer my perspective on financial proposals, the sourcing of parts, and so on.
I’m involved in all stages of the process. This makes my job extremely interesting and multifaceted. What’s more, I’m free to complete my work according to my own insights. And since we have an informal, horizontally-structured organisation and communications between colleagues are smooth and easy, I’m never forced to solve a problem all on my own. I can always turn to a colleague with the required knowledge and experience – someone who can help me with the right information. We share a lot of knowledge amongst ourselves and the atmosphere’s great. Furthermore, I’m regularly required to move out of my comfort zone and develop personal skills that in the past, I preferred to leave alone. Holding a presentation for a client, for example, or managing a team. This is one reason why I’m incredibly pleased to work for this employer. The freedom of movement and support they offer me has allowed me to develop far more aspects of my personality than I ever expected to.”

She has worked as Project Manager for the same customer for some time. She has now indicated that she’d like a change of project. “Luckily that’s possible. People listen to what employees want here.”

 “I’m working at Progress-PME because I respect the professionalism of its staff. The atmosphere is also extremely tight-knight, which makes me feel as though I’m part of a family. I’m also given every freedom to schedule my work as I see fit, so I feel as though I ‘own’ the assignments I carry out. I work extra hard during busy periods and the tempo can slow down somewhat during less busy periods. It is great to be able to manage that balance myself. Since I’ve been working here, I’ve been seconded to the same client. I work as a Project Manager for an international company.
This enables me to really use my experience with people and teams from different cultural backgrounds. One of my tasks is to enable communications between different international parties. The advantage of working for one customer for a long period is that this enables me to get to know the customer well and feel like part of the organisation. This ensures that the work runs smoothly. The disadvantage is that the initial challenge slowly but surely fades into the background. Now I’m looking forward to a new assignment for a new customer. Luckily that’s possible. My career wishes are taken seriously. That’s really great because I want to continue learning in my work. I have the feeling that that’s really possible in this organisation. It is a transparent company that is free from political games, where we work hard and professionally, and where the human dimension is never forgotten.”

“My career wishes are taken seriously.”- Inés Rodriquez Alvarez

Working at Progress-PME since 2012 
Education: Bioprocess Engineer (TU Delft) and Chemical Engineer (University of Oviedo)
Interests: hiking in the mountains and travel

“The knowledge we have in house is tremendously diverse.” – Geert van Liempt

Project Manager
Education: Biochemistry, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
Working at Progress-PME since 2010
Interests: my two daughters and playing football

He’s convinced that he can still learn a lot from his colleagues. “I’m relatively young and can still learn a lot. I’ve got an entire think tank of colleagues behind me.”

 “I work as a Project Manager on various projects. Sometimes it’s a project I advise on, using all my knowledge as Biochemist, but I also have projects that are mainly about managing project teams. That’s why I find my work fascinating. It’s always interesting and dynamic and is never boring. It’s not like a regular job at a company because here I work with colleagues who, like me, gain experience at various organisations. This means that the knowledge we have in house is tremendously diverse. I find this extremely inspiring and I’m enjoying the fruits of this.
We meet each other at head office once a month to discuss the progress of projects. We also share knowledge with each other. I can pose questions if I face an issue at a customer or have a content question. I really value this support. I may be working alone at a customer, but I’ve got an entire think tank of colleagues behind me; colleagues with whom I enjoy spending time. We enjoy lunches and drinks together and it’s always fun. What motivates me is the work that I do for the customer and the value that I can add with my knowledge. And if the customer is pleased, I gain a great sense of satisfaction. That’s why I do it.”

The collegiality, knowledge and having an equal position at the customer was his reason for choosing Progress-PME in 2012. “This work suits me.”

“I’ve been working in the pharmaceutical industry for almost twenty years and have been at this company for the past few years. I made a conscious choice for Progress-PME because I really enjoyed cooperating with their professionals when I worked for my two previous employers. What I noticed was that although these employees were seconded temporarily, for me they were not ‘external consultants’. They played an equal role and were just as involved with the people and the work as the organisation’s own employees. At that time I thought “I’d like to do consultancy work in that way too”. I’m happy I made that choice. 
I’ve been working on an engineering contract for a customer for a long period and it is still challenging. I’m also working for another customer on a quality project. I’m given every freedom to do my work and organise my work schedule as I see fit, in consultation with the customer of course. As a consultant you have an assignment to complete and that’s what it’s all about. And this freedom isn’t abused either. Colleagues are disciplined and want to do a good job for the customer. Nobody minds working an extra hour. The atmosphere is really good too. It feels like a warm-hearted ‘family’ in which people support and value each other. Our own families are also involved in the company. A biannual event is organised to which partners and children are welcome. This helps us to get to know each other really well.”

“A warm-hearted family.” – Klaas Geveke

Project Manager
Education: Chemical Process Technology, TU Delft
Working at Progress-PME since: 2012
Interests: family with three children and a dog, squash, mountain biking, reading and music.